ps has been fully removed from the net in order to protect its users past and present due to several ongoing law enforcement cases.

please note that ps has not been raided, and is not involved in any current ongoing law enforcement case; instead we take this precaution to preserve the rights and freedom of all of our past userbase.

as for myself it's time to say goodbye, i'm burying my alias, but i'll still be around someplace.

for the noobs, skiddies, lulzsec wannabes and anonfags: just stop. quit the scene. the scene is toxic. there's always someone willing to fuck you over for the shits and giggs. never assume you're untouchable. and always watch your back.

see you all in the next adventure.

#TeamPS 2011-2017

p.s. fuck you vbulletin, and fuck you thelastsuperman. you're both total cocksuckers.

tl;dr we're staying offline to protect you. stay safe.