• Introducing Hack DB

    I'm happy to bring the fourth (and not quite final) DB to PS today: Hack DB. What is read on

    Hash DB updated to 1.7.0

    This may seem like a very quick update considering it's only been a few days since Hash DB read on

    Hash DB updated to 1.6.0

    Hello all, I took Hash DB offline for a few hours tonight while I added several new read on
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    I'm happy to bring the fourth (and not quite final) DB to PS today: Hack DB.

    What is Hack DB?
    Hack DB is (or more rather, will be) a collection of viewable private ...

    Published on 27-01-14 08:31 PM
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    This may seem like a very quick update considering it's only been a few days since Hash DB 1.6.0 (1.6.1 last night) was released but it now includes a major new additional feature.

    Published on 23-01-14 02:16 AM
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    Hello all,

    I took Hash DB offline for a few hours tonight while I added several new functions to it. The new features should help you guys see who has run or viewed each hash. ...

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    It's that time of the year again, the time when everyone gets drunk and makes an ass of themselves (wait for me on Christmas eve), everyone is with family and friends and ...

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    It feels like it's been a long time since I've done a community update and I promised to have one out today, so here it is.

    PS Community Update #7

    PS is back!
    Of course, you all know this. However as a reasonably sized chunk of our database was lost between this backup and the last time PS was online, I will explain in full what happened.

    We decided to close PS a few months ago in lieu of moving to a new programming forum myself and Plum had been working on for a while, called ByteOverflow. We always thought a door to return to PS would be open, but alas this was not the case. Several weeks after closing PS and running ByteOverflow, we realized that we did not have the time to introduce and build a new community. However, the primary hard drive of our dedicated server (that ran PS - Byte was on a VPS at the time) failed completely. Around the same time, the PCB of my main hard drive in my PC also become damaged. With two backups lost, we had no way of bringing PS back online until I came across another backup that happened to be a few months old. This was restored to and PS was back.

    We are glad to be back - we have missed the site a lot. However, a lot of data has been lost - user accounts, threads and posts, records in our Hash/Deface/Exploit databases, and deface mirrors. So if you look for something that was there a few months ago but isn't now, that's why.

    Staff Changes
    There's some big staff differences on here right now. Our long time administrator and an extremely close friend of mine (and everyone else's), Plum, left our administration team a few days ago. He is still active on the forums if you should need to contact him (and it also appears Hash DB still sends him a message telling him there's a new hash posted), but if you can't find him on here he has requested that you message him on Jabber ([email protected]).

    Paiman has since been promoted to Administrator to help me run the site as efficiently as we possibly can. We hope Plum returns to the admin team soon. We wish him all the best if he decides not to.

    If you have any issues with the site at all, you can email either myself ([email protected]) or Paiman ([email protected]) if we are not online and we'll get back in contact with you as soon as possible.

    All other staff members have been returned to the Donators usergroup (as have all former staff, minus a few) as we have no need for staff right now, and the former staff group was bloated.

    SMTP Issues Resolved
    We have switched our SMTP services away from Gmail and now use Hushmail as our SMTP provider. This way our server's IP address is hidden in outgoing mail headers. However, we had issues connecting to their SMTP service and therefore our email systems were down for around four to five days. In this time no password reset emails (or any other emails) will have been sent. They are now working fully as we have troubleshooted the issues we were having.

    Account Recovery
    I have added a new Account Recovery feature that allows you to recover an account using a stored recovery key. Recovery keys cannot be regenerated unless reset by an administrator and only users can see their particular recovery key (shown just after generation, not viewable then). Read more about this here.

    Neptune Issues
    As some of you may know, PS runs off of two virtual machines on our dedicated server. One server, saturn, handles our webserver and our other server, neptune, handles our SQL server. Over the last few days we have had intermittent issues with neptune's filesystem. These have now been fully cleared up and neptune's hard drive space allocation has been extended. Along with this, we last night replaced our MySQL server with MariaDB, which is a heavily optimized and much more efficient MySQL server. There should be no more issues with neptune from now.

    That's about it for the changes you haven't heard about in a community update (lost or not). We're glad to be back and will be staying here for as long as we possibly can.

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